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Sometimes you are on the precipice, the moment where everything could topple. Maybe it is danger, or a hard choice, or just change (which is, in our perception, the biggest danger of all). And sometimes we are on the smooth flats, where everything is stable, and the precipice is just a tickle in the back of the back of our minds.

But deep down, we know the truth. We see it sometimes, driving at night through a rainstorm, or when the phone rings at the wrong hour, or when the plane starts to shake, there are no smooth flats. It’s all precipice. Always.

And sometimes we are facing the precipice, and sometimes we are turned away. But it is always there, and we are always teetering. And maybe the fall isn’t even the worst part. Maybe, when we fall, there is at least the relief that we know we’re falling. No more uncertainty. Maybe the worst part is the teetering, the teetering for years and years.

Delta Airlines: It’s not like you’re safe anywhere else.”

From Welcome to Night Vale Episode 92: If He Had Lived

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Quintin Carlson Designer, in flight.