Hi, there. I’m Quintin Carlson. Q for short.

I’m a researcher and designer — with an affinity for commercial aviation. Obsessed with windy weather, expensive hotel shampoo, Target runs, earl grey tea, Christmas lights, train rides, and driving late at night while singing along to songs in which I only know half the lyrics.

Currently –

Newly midwestern, I’m the Vice President of Design for Hologram — your favorite cellular connectivity platform. Perfect for IoT.

Previously –

I was a product designer and led user research for Flexport, — a freight forwarder, non-vessel operating common carrier, and customs house broker based in San Francisco, CA with offices around the globe. Helping companies of all sizes manage their supply chain and ship freight to and from just about anywhere.

Prior –

I’ve worked as a product designer for ed-tech giant Quizlet, upstart cloud publishing company Inkling, and the big, green, note-taking elephant known as Evernote. I’ve also helped out at a number of small, usually YC-backed startups. Earlier, I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, with a degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Decision Science.

Beyond –

Offline, you’re likely to find me at The Cheesecake Factory or watching re-runs of TNTs ratings-leading police procedural, Major Crimes. That is when I’m not seated in the first row or two of your next flight, critiquing the safety video.


  1. Helping you conduct great user research: UXR Field Guide

  2. Posting in 280-character bites: @quintincarlson

  3. Sharing photos of jetbridges and airplanes: @quintincarlson

  4. Design and research posts from my time at Flexport @quintin

Quintin Carlson Designer, in flight.